media data updates through February 2015

So far this year, our team has made  9,142 updates  to the databases and 30,966 updates  to  SRDS Direct Marketing List Source . Things change quickly in the world of media and you can be sure that our team stays on top of it.

Here's how it all breaks out by media type for the first two months of the year.

  • 2,462 Newspaper updates
  • 2,016 Business publication updates
  • 1,289 Consumer magazine updates
  • 1,112 Digital updates (websites, networks and tech companies) (and don't forget almost 7,000 available pieces of programmatic ad inventory, in both automated guaranteed and private marketplaces, from over 1,000 sites/publishers)
  • 282 Out-of-home updates
  • 889 Radio updates
  • 260 TV & cable updates

If you have any questions about updates, let us know or sign in now to start working on your next media plan.

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