The basics of ad servers [webinar question]

Last month, we hosted a webinar detailing the basics of programmatic media buying. We received several questions about the digital advertising ecosystem, and a few about ad servers. We'll be covering those today.

Can you talk about ad servers?

Ad servers are the technology that stores, delivers and places ads on websites. They are used by publishers, third-party ad tech companies and advertisers for ad management, campaign management and ad trafficking.

Publishers use an ad server to maximize revenue by serving first the highest paying ads that are available for each web visitor. The ad server manages multiple clients with varying creative and different targeting requirements.

Marketers and advertisers also use their own ad servers to centralize the nuts and bolts of getting their ads on a variety of websites. Ad servers allow them to update creative in a single place, whenever they decide to, without having to contact a publisher. They can also pull campaign reports all from one place to compare and optimize.

Do you need an ad server to take advantage of programmatic buying?

Not necessarily. Media buyers can purchase inventory through guaranteed direct platforms without the use of an ad server.

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