The best B2B advertising opportunities

Over at Business 2 Community, Eric Wittlake has a post aimed at helping address the challenges of marketers trying to reach business-to-business audiences. He offers "Six Free Ways to Find the Best B2B Advertising Opportunities." In short, they include:

  1. Google
  2. Free list research tools
  3. Google Ad Planner
  4. Media Kits and Research
  5. Twitter and Content Curators
  6. Delicious

It's a pretty good list, especially if you are heavily constrained by budget to the point of only using free resources.

Of course, sometimes you get what you pay for, and what you don't invest in dollars will cost you double in time. That's where SRDS comes in, with our Business Publication Media database.

While it isn't free, it is the single best place online to find the entire universe of business publication advertising options, including print journals, websites and direct marketing lists.

No detective work required:

In fact, the detailed media listings on also include most of the same information Wittlake mentions, including Google Ad Planner Profiles (plus audience metrics from Kantar Media Compete), links to media kits, and third-party or publisher research.

Here's a video showing the Business Publication Media database in action.

If you like what you see, learn more here.


What about you? How do you find B2B advertising options?

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