The details on detailed reports

The  new exporting and reports functionality in SRDS  is a great way to export custom lists of media to use in your plans and research. But what detail is included in the new Detailed Reports option?

The detail depends on the media you're working with, and the option only appears if you've selected a single media type. So the first question to ask is: what media are you tagging?

  • For print Business Media listings, the detail includes frequency, total circulation, circulation source, and some rates and bleed information.
  • For print Consumer Magazine Media listings, the detail includes the above, plus rate based information.
  • For print Newspaper listings, the detail includes publish area, weekday circ, Sunday circ, some Display/ROP rates, some classified rates and column sizing information.
  • For Radio and TV, it includes the individual personnel at the station, plus in TV we also have traffic information.
  • For Digital listings, you have the most current Compete unique visitor number as detail.
  • For Direct Marketing lists, you get the total universe and cost per thousand.

The reports are a fast, easy way to pull topline information into a spreadsheet format so you don't lose track of media properties you are interested in. Try them out and see why many users have said they save so much time!

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