Panel data has been the bedrock of audience measurement services for many years. It offers universal coverage and demographic details through a representative sample. However, it’s less effective for long tail viewing with a large Electronic Programme Guide (EPG).

On the other hand, census data from online video and return path data from set top boxes (STBs) for example is able to provide granular detail on specific platforms and services. If panel and census data are combined they offer the best of both worlds and help to deliver a hybrid approach to measurement.

Experience in panel and census measurement

Across the world we have deployed more than 100,000 PeopleMeters and in 2005 we were the first research agency in the world to measure viewing through the return path data (RPD)

Award-winning data integration

Our team of measurement data scientists leverage the power of our advanced data integration techniques to combine panel and census data – we call it Atria Symphony.

In 2016 we began delivering daily data to Stichting KijkOnderzoek (SKO), the Netherlands TV & Video industry body in the world’s first TV and video currency to adopt a hybrid approach.

In April SKO and Kantar Media were recognised for our leadership in this field at the i-com Data Creativity Awards. The Total Video Integration model developed by our data scientists for SKO uses a hybrid approach, allowing our client to report extended TV ratings in granular detail daily.

 "Kantar Media’s experience in hybrid approaches to measurement has enabled us to create, develop and implement an advanced data integration model that meets the needs of our members.”

Bas De Vos, SKO 

Watch a video to find out more about our hybrid measurement techniques.

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