Why have accurate, detailed, viewing data if it can’t be easily accessed and enable better decision making?

Best-in-class analysis software is essential for all users of the data to get the most from TV and video measurement services.

Our TV analysis software, Instar Analytics, illuminates audience behaviour so broadcasters, advertisers and agencies can make the best use of their viewing data.

Broadcasters, agencies and advertisers alike can analyse TV and video ratings and other media data on the move through the mobile app. This software is used in nearly 40 countries, by more than 9000 audience research and advertising professionals. 

Instar Planning enables media planners and advertisers to simulate ‘trial runs’ of their campaigns to experiment with how they might play out. Instar Planning is used by media planners across the world.

Instar Social helps advertisers and broadcasters understand how their content is driving activity on Twitter. They can draw unparalleled insights from online conversations about a programme, including the underlying emotions behind Tweets and Tweeter affinity between programmes and brands.

“The [Instar Analytics] app has become a travelling companion from which we are inseparable. Fast, straightforward and intuitive to use, it provides a world of key audience information, enabling my team to be fully informed and up-to-date, regardless of where I am.”

Deogracias Padilla Luna, Radio Televisión Valenciana,  Audience Research Director. 

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