As TV viewing changes there are new challenges for audience measurement. As we move to a hybrid future we know that panels will continue to play a vital role in delivering the gold standard for accurate measurement.

Only representative panels can provide coverage of the total TV and video market across all platforms and services, while reducing dependency on data access agreements.

Kantar Media has unrivalled experience in the operation of metered panels for TV and Video. We operate 46 TV measurement panels around the world and we process data from more than 79,000+ households daily.

Complete coverage

Our PeopleMeter technology measures what is being viewed on TV sets whether live, time-shifted or on-demand, and with a simple handset registers who is viewing, while our online PeopleMeter measures viewing on tablets, smartphones, laptops and computers.

 In China Kantar Media PeopleMeters are in 25,000 homes making this panel the largest PeopleMeter panel in the world


 Find out more about how a TV ratings panel works. 

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