In an increasingly connected world the stakes have never been higher when it comes to the gathering and usage of data. Panel members need reassurance that their data is being handled correctly.

Top priority

The privacy and security of TV panellists’ data are critical to all audience measurement services for Kantar Media.

A loss in confidence regarding panel security could lead to concerns about unrepresentative panels while we must be sure there is no way panel members can be targeted in order to distort viewing levels in favour of certain channels and services.

Kantar Media operates Project Shield across its markets to emphasise the importance of panel security and in addition has a designated Chief Security Officer whose role it is to oversee these procedures are met.

We ensure panel information is stored and archived to levels that meet privacy and data protection laws in each market. We continuously monitor panels using our industry-recognised panel management rules looking for any evidence of unusual behaviour that could suggest a data breach.

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