The Importance of Internet for US Women Diagnosed with Lupus

According to the 2015 MARS Consumer Health study, 85% of the 1.5 million U.S. women diagnosed with Lupus use the Internet for health and wellness purposes.  Among this group, one in four goes online for health information at least once a week and they are more likely than other U.S. women to say that the Internet is the first source they turn to when researching health-related topics.

This group is twice as likely to use a patient portal for accessing medical records compared to other women in the U.S. In addition, they are more likely to use online tools for refilling prescriptions, scheduling appointments, finding information about medications, or reading about others’ health-related experiences.

Lupus Online Activities1

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The 2015 MARS Consumer Health Study is the only dedicated, syndicated research in the healthcare industry that ties ailments, pharma brands, attitudes about healthcare and many other data points to consumers’ media consumption habits.

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