The importance of programmatic education

Here's a great writeup from Digiday aboutStarcom's 20-month effort to reorganize and educate  its entire staff about programmatic advertising

Shareen Pathak writes:

"One of the major fears about programmatic ad buying and selling is that it will replace humans with machines. But media agency Starcom has argued that it doesn’t have to be that way. So it has spent the last 20 months orchestrating a large-scale internal reorganization that would make all of its employees ready for the ad tech future....So it launched a large-scale talent overhaul that included training every single one of its 1,200 employees how to be well-versed at all things programmatic."

We've definitely heard this fear from other clients, and strongly agree that education is the best approach for adapting traditionally minded teams to the programmatic mindset.

For the past year we've been running a series of webinars to help get media and marketing teams up-to-speed on the rapidly changing world of programmatic. You can view them on-demand, for free, here.

If reading is more your speed, be sure to check out our free "Fundamentals of Programmatic Buying" or our "Guide to Programmatic Advertising in 2015".

What other ways are you and your team learning about programmatic? Let us know in the comments!

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