The Media Mic, episode 03: Tim Bingaman

The Media Mic SRDS podcastIn this third episode of The Media Mic, we're joined by Tim Bingaman, President and CEO ofCirculation Verification Council (CVC). Tim and David Crawford discuss the origins of CVC, the importance of good research and how to use research and information to make pitches come alive. Along the way they touch on communication between media buyers and sellers, the changing nature of research for newspaper media, integrating mobile and social media with print and more.


About Tim Bingaman

Tim Bingaman, President & CEO of Circulation Verification Council (CVC), believes that necessity is the mother of invention. Tim spent the 1980's & early 1990's working for Gannett, Ingersoll Publications, Journal Register, Thompson, and independently owned newspapers analyzing struggling community newspapers. He traveled the country working at papers in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, California and Missouri.  While studying the feasibility of a publication in California, Tim realized that he did not have the kind of data he needed to make important decisions and the idea for CVC was born.
In 1992, Circulation Verification Council (CVC) was created with only 13 member publications to meet the data needs of advertisers and publishers who struggle evaluating community newspapers, magazines, shoppers, and niche publications across the country.  CVC processes were designed to give an accurate picture of publications circulation and readership demographics so that publishers and advertisers can make informed decisions.
CVC now audits over 3,500 editions nationwide with a combined circulation over 60,000,000.  Tim travels the country 26 weeks a year to talk to publishers and advertising professionals about the benefits of working with audited publications. 

About The Media Mic

The Media Mic is an interview series from Kantar Media SRDS with leaders in the media business about the roads they’ve taken, and the stories and people that make up our vibrant industry. Bandwidth and hosting for The Media Mic is provided by Wizzard Media and Libsyn.

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