The Media Mic Episode 05 Paul Polizzotto from CBS EcoMedia

The Media Mic SRDS podcastIn this inspiring episode we talk with Paul Polizzotto, President and Founder of CBS EcoMedia. From Paul's journey as a social entrepreneur to joining the media world and becoming part of CBS, Paul and David Crawford discuss CBS EcoMedia's mission to help advertisers do more with the ad dollars they spend, the difference between buying repetition and earning reputation, and an advertising  "outsider's view" of how advertisers can better reach the minds of consumers.

Along the way, you'll hear examples of CBS EcoMedia's winning pitch to national advertisers and case studies on how they have helped brands like Cadillac and Hampton Inn with campaigns that were not only efficient and effective for the client's call to action, but connected to outcomes in local communities. You'll also learn why advertising is like the sun and how its future depends on harnessing the power of human communication.

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