The opportunity in radio

SRDS is always on the lookout for relevant insights that will benefit media planners. Recently we came across a great perspective on the role of radio in today's media plans posted on The Makegood.

The article comes from Cindy Seebeck, who has over 30 years of experience in Integrated Media, and she feels that radio has been undervalued in the digital age. She concedes that radio hasn't seen a ton of innovation in recent years, but encourages planners to remember that it's been in existence for almost a century and still has a powerful impact on a lot of consumers.

Cindy Seebeck

Cindy Seebeck plans holistic media campaigns for Underscore Marketing 

Seebeck highlights the top 10 reasons why she recommends and executes radio campaigns. She sites everything from flexibility to it's emotive capabilities. There's probably more to be considered about radio than most planners realize. If you're looking for ways to gain a dynamic and creative edge in your media plans, radio might be the perfect solution. 

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