The overlooked power of media

If you've ever tried to convince a creative-focused client just how important a strategic and well-thought-out media plan can be, or for that matter tried to explain to your parents what you do for a living, you might want to grab a copy of Millward Brown's latest POV piece: "The Overlooked Power of Media: Enhancing the Memorability of Communications" (that's a PDF link).

A bit basic for an experienced media pro, it is nonetheless a good introduction to the idea that different media strategies can be effective for different groups. I particularly liked author James Galpin's assertion that the right media choices deliver "not only messages, but memorability."

That's one to hang on the computer monitor.

Galpin makes a case for options beyond broadcast media, reminding us that "TV can be less cost-efficient than more targeted media like cinema, magazines, and online." Good ammunition if a small local client comes to you wanting to buy space during the Super Bowl.

Quoting the paper at length:

Therefore, advertisers need to go beyond the question of just how much to spend. All GRPs are not created equal; smart media decisions can significantly enhance memorability and enable marketers to get the most out of their communications investments.

How about you: what's your go-to explanation for the importance of media planning?

(via @Millward_Brown)

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