Third-party resources are critical to the media planning & buying process

What resources do media planners and buyers use when preparing or selecting the list of media for a consideration set? In order to tackle this question and several others,  we teamed up with James G. Elliott to survey more than 200 users in Q4 2013.

What we found is that media planners continue to spend a good amount of time up-front evaluating their media options with a variety of resources. Client input, a previous media plan and third-party resources (such as rank highest in terms of what media buyers use when preparing and selecting the list of media for consideration.  90% always/often use information from a previous plan, 87% of users always/often use input from the client and 73% always/often use

One note of concern for publishers: input from the media seller ranks below several third party resources. That might mean that the sales rep isn’t as close to the decision-making process as before. So, it’s more critical than ever for your sales force to condense a complicated sales story in an appropriate amount of time to be considered by planners.

The data also suggests that publishers can up their chances of being added to a consideration set by having a presence in third-party resources, like We found that 100% of respondents use and three-fourths always or often use when preparing/selecting a consideration list.

Media companies should always make sure their basic (and free) profile is up-to-date with key information that planners and buyers need. This includes contact information, rates, editorial calendars and audience information. To further increase the chances that a publisher is being considered, understood and potentially selected for a plan, they can promote in Premium listings deliver higher ranking and more compelling, actionable data in search results and the company listing.

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More Information about the Study: In Q4 2013, Kantar Media SRDS and James G. Elliott joined forced to understand the media planning and buying information needs of media planners and buyers at agencies. The objectives were to understand the habits of media planners and buyers, to learn about the types of clients and plans that media planners and buyers are working with, to determine the types of resources used for planning and buying and to understand what factors have an impact on media selection. The 200+ respondents were very qualified: they currently have media planning or buying responsibilities and had researched, recommended, planned or bought business-to-business, consumer magazine or digital media in the past 12 months. Click here for more information on the methodology.

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