Trends in professional healthcare website advertising by pharma companies

Online and app advertising to healthcare professionals, and HCP-targeted digital ad spend in general is increasing rapidly. For the first 9 months of 2013, ad occurrences (a measure of ad activity reported by Kantar Media’s Evaliant online ad monitoring service) increased by 31% over same period last year.

On the 215+ professional medical sites monitored by Kantar Media:

  • 143 companies are advertising 310 products online
  • 10 brands used 20+ sites
  • The top 50 brands average 17.3 sites used
  • 71 brands ran ads on 10 or more sites
  • The top 3 advertiser companies used over 100 sites each
  • The top 50 companies average 33.3 sites used
  • The top 14 online advertiser companies ran ads on 50+ sites

As you can see from the chart above, Xarelto was the top advertised brand from January-September 2013 by occurrences followed by Invokana.

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