TV’s most expensive airtime, in 10 factoids

Ahead of Super Bowl 50, Kantar Media has the data behind a decade of the most widely anticipated ads in TV advertising

The Super Bowl's golden anniversary is almost here, providing advertisers with coveted access to an expected audience of over 100 million people. Competition during the commercial breaks rivals that seen on the field as advertisers field their best ads and try to make the most of what's become platinum-priced airtime. Kantar Media has mined its extensive database to report on the past 10 years of Super Bowl advertising and to provide a sense of what can be expected this year.

#1 Ad sales in brief. From 2006 through 2015, the Super Bowl game has generated $2.38 billion of network advertising sales from more than 130 marketers, making it one of the most valuable sports franchises in the US. With ad rates and revenues continuing to rise, the Super Bowl remains a winning game.

#2 The price of advertising. The average rate for a 30-second advertisement in the Super Bowl game has increased by 76% during the past decade, reaching $4.4 million in 2015. It's the most expensive commercial time on TV by far. (The 2015 runner up: the NFC Championship Game at $2 million per 30 seconds). Strong demand for ad time is pointing towards even higher pricing for the 2016 game, though the actual amount paid by individual marketers will vary depending on where the ad runs in the game, how much commercial time is purchased, and whether the advertiser opts for a larger package that includes spots in the pre-game and/or post-game coverage.

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