Understanding and targeting smart speaker owners

Millions of US adults currently have smart speakers in their home—a segment that is continuing to grow and the competition for share of consumer attention and wallet in the market is fierce. Indeed, according to Kantar Media Amazon, Google and Facebook have all been aggressively promoting their respective smart devices, spending nearly $170 million on national TV ads from October-November 2018.

Who are these connected home consumers? How do they spend their time? Most importantly, how do they think?

Using TGI US data, Kantar Media has developed an exclusive profile of US smart speaker owners, just one of the many consumer groups you can better understand and target with TGI.

  • How are households with smart speakers different than the general population?
  • What do they own and intend to buy?
  • What are their attitudes and opinions?

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About Kantar Media TGI

Kantar Media’s TGI study delivers unique and reliable intelligence for understanding consumer audiences and their relationships with brands in today’s connected world.

In addition to global datasets that provide a comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviors and attitudes, TGI US includes extensive consumer products and services data, consumer profiling, attitudes & interests and media.

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