Understanding Dentists’ Use of Mobile Apps

The Importance of Mobile Apps

According to Kantar Media’s Sources and Interactions Study: 2016 Dentistry Edition, the top three digital sources dentists indicate as most important for staying abreast of new developments are company/product websites (46%), professional publication websites (42%) and mobile apps for drug reference (37%). In addition, 15% of dentists feel that mobile apps as diagnostic tools are important.


Of those surveyed, mobile apps reach 57% of dentists. More dentists are exposed to mobile apps for drug reference compared to other types of mobile apps:

  • 53% drug reference
  • 41% publication/news content
  • 39% diagnostic tools

Devices and Mobile Apps

The majority of dentists are using mobile devices for professional purposes - 80% use a smartphone and 45% use a tablet for work.

However, differences exist among the type of device used depending on the mobile application type:

Mobile Apps and Patient Interaction

Nearly 1 in 10 dentists indicate they are using a mobile app to interact with their patients.

Kantar Media’s Sources & Interactions studies power informed decisions on healthcare professional promotional mix strategy for marketers and agencies, and provide medical publishers and content providers with actionable data on where their offerings fit into healthcare professionals’ information inventory.

The Sources & Interactions: 2016 Dentistry Edition is designed to profile dentists’ media use in areas of interest to healthcare publishers and media professionals.

These areas of interest include:

  • Sources of Information Importance & Frequency of Exposure
  • Internet Usage
  • Mobile Device Usage
  • Publications
  • Patient Records/Communication

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