Understanding media planners and buyers

Our president, Steve Davis, recently sat down with Folio to share some insights from theannual Media Planning and Buying Study that Kantar Media SRDS conducted alongside the James G. Elliott Co.

As Folio's Bill Mickey writes:

While 53 percent of respondents say they worked on planning/buying schedules with an annual frequency in the last year, the next most worked on frequency (51 percent) is “sporadic,” with no fixed time. That’s up slightly from last year’s 49 percent, and indicates a market that’s operating on a “just in time” basis. 

“I shared the study with our agency advisory board and when they saw that slide they all started laughing,” says Steve Davis, president of Kantar Media SRDS and Kantar Media Healthcare. “Who does annual planning anymore? That’s largely from a digital mindset now. ‘What’s the marketing agenda this quarter and how do I execute that quickly?’ Everything becomes a fire drill from there.”

Why is that worth noting? Because sellers need to keep the pace. Relationships still matter, but the days of strolling through a consultative approach are becoming endangered. The sell-side workforce has to adjust to the new realities of sporadic, just-in-time sales cycles that are more data and ROI focused than ever.

Read the full Folio article here.

Earlier this year, Samir Husni interviewed Steve Davis and Jim Elliott about this year's resultsYou can read that in-depth interview over at Mr. Magazine or download the full study results here.

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