Understanding programmatic accountability

Recently iMediaConnection shared a video from their visit to the ThinkLA collaborative. We wanted to share this interview with Google account executive Erik Smithson because it focuses on industry attitudes toward programmatic. 

Smithson concedes that when it comes to programmatic opinions, it's a varied landscape. Marketers are afraid, curious and accepting all at the same time, but there is no way to avoid the fact that programmatic is the future of ad buying. One of the big questions this video raises is that of accountability for fraud in programmatic buys. Smithson feels that while marketers should be responsible for whoever they're working with, avoiding fraud should be a team effort between publishers, marketers, and agencies. He encourages everyone to be on the lookout as this will build client relationships and create trust.  

Check out the video below or view the post on iMediaConnection


iMediaConnection's David Zeleski interviews Google account executive Erik Smithson


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