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Kathy CarlsonCuneo

As the Media Director at Cuneo Advertising since 1999, Kathy Carlson uses SRDS.comregularly. Based in Minneapolis, Cuneo is a full-service ad agency, specializing in media planning, buying, production, copy-writing and digital advertising. The team works primarily with companies in the automotive vertical and Kathy is responsible for the media planning and buying for these clients. Kathy remembers receiving the print version of SRDS almost a decade ago, but she didn’t use the resource frequently until SRDS data went online. “That’s when it became very valuable,” she says. Kathy currently uses all of the databases available and offered to share a few of her more interesting experiences with us.

Reviewing All Media Options

“The media landscape is crowded, especially when you’re working in a little DMA you’re not as familiar with for a new business presentation,” Kathy says. “ is one of the first places I go to get a general market profile and figure out who the TV players in that DMA are. There are some cable systems that can fall off your radar because the DMA is only a few thousand homes. Plus, if I want to get a general set of avails from TV people, is a great place to start. I can quickly find out who the cable providers are, which cuts down on my digging time substantially. There are a couple of instances where I would have missed a smaller system if I had not gone onto and looked at the market listing and found an unknown cable provider. comes in very handy that way. You can find all of the media you might want to consider and how to get a hold of these people.”

Saving Time & Money

Lately, Kathy says she has been digging into the Digital Networks & Tech database. “There are hundreds of ad networks, probably way too many, and I don’t want to evaluate them all,” she says. “When I’m trying to put together a digital media plan for a client and the buy I’d like is based on something other than a CPM, I love that I can go into the database and figure out who will accept CPA or CPC deals. I can see who will geo-target more granularly and what kind of creative they specialize in. Up pops a small list of vendors who will be willing to meet my parameters and provide what I need. That way, I can start to narrow down the list of people I want to send an avail to and that’s a time-saver. I know there’s a stronger probability that people I do contact will take a deal based on the parameters I want because that’s what it says in their listing.”

Thank to Kathy for sharing her experiences with us and other users.  To find out more about Cuneo and its media planning capabilities, visit

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