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Eric Nelson, Media Director at Osborn+Barr, has been in marketing and advertising for almost 20 years. He started his career in TV sales before switching to the other side of the desk, focusing on media planning and account work. While Eric has worked in several different categories, including travel and local retail, at Osborn Barr, he has one focus: agriculture. Osborn+Barr is the #1 advocate of Agriculture and Rural America. This fully integrated marketing and communications agency works with consumer brands looking to reach and speak to agricultural and rural audiences. Nelson is also a co-founding member of 314 Digital, a professional networking and education group affiliated with the interactive marketing alliance.

Eric has used SRDS for as long as he can remember, first the hard copy books and then switching to the online database. “SRDS has always been a key resource since I started media planning.” He currently uses many of the databases available and offered to share a few of his more interesting experiences with

Evolving & Expanding

“At my first position, an SRDS book was on every planner’s desk,” Eric says. “We always referenced it. And over the years, has become much more user-friendly. The searches are better and more robust. The tab format in a listing lets you quickly switch from rates to specs, giving you all the details you need to evaluate a publication. And being able to see the media listings that other media planners have viewed is great. I’ve found that one of the keys of is finding media properties that you didn’t know you were looking for. For example, when you’re looking for a particular category like travel, you can find niche titles you’ve never heard of, like b-to-b magazines. It’s about making sure that your RFP list is as robust as possible and SRDS has been a great resource for that. They’ve really paid attention to the industry and what planners need and want and put that right at their fingertips.”

Back-End Research & Creative

“We also use as a back-end analysis tool to help our clients evaluate their paid media schedule and earned media opportunities,” Eric says. “SRDS allows us to very quickly go through each publication, find their media kit, sort through them, get the rates, so we can create that apples-to-apples value comparison and make those key planning decisions. A one-stop resource like is invaluable to us. SRDS is one of the first things I point my junior staff to, now and in the past. I tell them, here’s how you can start your media plan. In this world, you have your staples, the tools you rely on, and SRDS is one of those. Bookmark the login page because you’re going to use it a lot.”

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