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mike mchale

Mike McHale is the founder and chief media officer at Cleverworks, where he works with marketers and creative agencies through media and marketing consultancy-providing strategy, planning and negotiating insights and as a catalyst for new ideas and innovation. He also works with media partners as a resource for seminars on a variety of topics, including Behind the Velvet Rope: An Agency Insider’s Guided Tour.”

Mike has run the BMW, British Airways, International Securities Exchange ant RCA accounts in the U.S. since 2000 for Optimedia before founding Cleverworks in 2005. He’s won several awards for his work included a Gold Effie for “Can the Atlantic Turn a Profit?” campaign for the Atlantic. Mike has worked on the agency and media ends of the spectrum and is a true industry veteran.

Mike offered to share more information about his experience with

A Quarter-Century User

Mike is celebrating his 25th anniversary using SRDS! “I remember using the print version in 1989, when it would take a planner several days to cull through the books and put together a hit list of properties for campaign. When SRDS evolved to digital, those days turned to hours or minutes. has definitely streamlined the process and now it’s quite easy to evaluate media. My alma mater, Maris University, has asked me to teach a media planning and part of the course will include teaching the students to use”

A Full Consideration List

“It’s in your client’s best interest to get broadest sense of media choices before you start creating your plan and that’s why you use It widens your view when you can see all the options. After you determine your budget, the strategy and tactics you want to use, the easiest way to trim the fat and move the process ahead is to create a solid list of media options. With, I can get that full list and move forward with my campaign.”

Final Thoughts

“I’ve always been a big proponent of using I use all of the databases and I always have.  It’s the way to begin the planning process. One of my tenets is never underestimate the power of SRDS. The one thing I can’t get is more time and that’s what SRDS can save me – time.”

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