Using filters in the digital networks & tech database

Like all of the databases within, we recommend that you use the filters in thenew Digital Networks & Tech database to not only narrow your results so that they more closely meet your criteria, but to also see what else is out there in the ad tech industry.

You can filter by services, platforms, formats, rates and designations. Here’s an example of how you’d use the filters.

Let’s say my client has seen a dip in the effectiveness of their TV advertising and that the CMO is interested in experimenting with an ad network that offers Connected TV to supplement.

First I’d sign in to and click the “Digital Networks & Tech” database on the left side. I’d make my way to the filter section, and check “Connected TV” underneath platforms. I’d also check “Network” under Services. My client places a high value on transparency, so they request that the vendor be IAB Certified. I would check that box in the filter section as well.

I now have eight potential vendors. I can go through the detailed listings to view their profiles (2-3 sentence descriptions of what the company offers), targeting options, accepted formats and, for most, sites each network has served ads on.

Those data points will make the evaluation and subsquent selection process much more manageable.  I can be certain that I’m providing the brand with solid recommendations. I can also visit each vendor’s website to pull up case studies, testimonials and other resources.

And it all started with the filtering process within the Digital Networks & Tech database at! users can sign in now to start exploring digital networks and tech companies. If you're interested in accessing Digital Networks & Tech in, email or call 800.232.0772 ext. 8025.

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