Video! CBS EcoMedia morphs advertising into an instrument for social change

Did you know that by purchasing a 30-second ad spot, you can now do more than promote your brand but also fund worthwhile projects in local communities? Sounds like wishful thinking. But it’s a reality thanks to a division of CBS, EcoMedia. Many advertisers, including UnitedHealthcare, Cadillac and Bank of America, are already participating, and are responsible for positive impacts in communities across the country. Founded in 2001 and acquired by CBS in 2010, CBS EcoMedia presents a unique offering to brands that place a higher value on their market reputations alongside the repetition of their ads.

In September, our own David Crawford spoke with Paul Polizzotto, President and Founder of CBS EcoMedia, for the Media Mic, and discussed the company’s mission to help advertisers do more with the ad dollars they spend. If you haven’t listened to it, here’s the link.

In short, by choosing to work with EcoMedia, companies get the opportunity to promote positive change in the communities in which they advertise across the country. This means providing financial support for critical, yet often under-funded, community projects through the purchase of media. These include solar panel installations on schools, programs for military veterans, school supplies to children in underserved areas, hunger support programs, mobile health screenings, and much more.

To take a closer look of some of the advertisers who work with EcoMedia, the projects they are supporting and their success stories, watch the just-released video at the top of the post.

Find out more about CBS EcoMedia here and let us know what you think about using advertising to promote positive social change in the comments section.

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