We all scream for ice cream (social media in reverse)

So Ben & Jerry's takes its scoop trucks on the road most summers, giving away tastesof its newest flavors. This year B&J has added a twist.

First, they're promoting frozen Greek yogurt, which supposedly "eats like ice cream." And they're asking followers to tweet and tell them where to park the truck.

Parking in one spot and tweeting to get customers to come to you is so last year.

Here's the map to see where they're going:

Ben Jerrys Map

My question for Ben & Jerry's is not about how the frozen Greek yogurt tastes (I already know!). But didn't they notice they missed 85% of the country? It's hot here in the middle of the country, too.

Maybe if we tweet enough, we'll get them to make a stop in Chicago, or your town.

On a related note, here's a link to a study from the Hartman Group titled: CLICKS & CRAVINGS: The Impact of Social Technology on Food Culture. It breaks out social media users interested in food into 3 types.

  • "Spectators" chatter about food, looking for new recipes and deals.
  • "Dreamers" curate food-related content on their social networks.
  • "Doers" create their own food-related content because they're more engaged in the food and the social.

Of course each group is best targeted online in different ways. It's all about targeting, isn't it?

Are you willing to let your audience tell you what to do with your promotions? And are you ever frustrated by the assumption that only the coasts matter?

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