Wenner Media inventory live in SRDS.com via iSocket

Kantar Media’s programmatic partner  iSocket  recently announced its partnership with Wenner Media, LLC, publisher of  Rolling Stone Us Weekly  and  Men’s Journal . This inventory is now live in iSocket’s buy-side tool,  iSocket for Advertsers (iFA),  as well as in the SRDS.com digital media database. SRDS.com users can log in now to view available automated guaranteed inventory and click over to iSocket to purchase it.

iSocket is a major player in the automated guaranteed space. Founded in 2009, iSocket is a programmatic direct platform that helps publishers and buyers automate the buying and selling of guaranteed media. In 2011, the company integrated with Google’s DFP and in 2012, launched the first API-based platform designed to automate reserved media sales. Since 2012, iSocket has focused on broadening its technology to better serve the publishers who rely on iSocket for Publishers (iFP) for sales automation and to meet the needs of the sophisticated buyers who use iSocket for Advertisers (iFA).

This partnership between iSocket and Wenner Media is further proof of rapid publisher adoption of programmatic selling channels. Automated guaranteed offers many key benefits to media companies. The first is efficiency. This new form of selling allows publishers to offload their inventory into programmatic platforms, in which buyers can buy, with less effort involved. Control is also a reason. The publisher sets the inventory price, minimum order size, etc. and can control which inventory is visible to advertisers.

 If you want to learn more about programmatic advertising, watch our latest webinar here or sign into SRDS.com and browse available inventory from our programmatic partners.

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