What does "ad-supported" mean?

Whenever we have a new employee starting at Kantar Media SRDS, I make sure to spend some time introducing them to SRDS.com, much like I do with our users.

As the training went on, I kept referring to the media in SRDS listings as being “ad-supported” and she finally stopped me and said "What do you mean by ad-supported?"

Her question surprised me because I use that phrase all the time and it never occurred to me that someone might not understand what it means. To me, when a media outlet is “ad-supported,” that simply means that it accepts advertising.

Here at SRDS, we vet all of the 100,000+ listings we have to make sure they accept advertising before they are listed in the database. That’s one of the big bonuses of using SRDS—you don't have to spend your time trying to find out if a media outlet you Googled actually accepts advertising! We do it for you.

So next time you hear “ad-supported,” think SRDS!

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