What information sources are doctors most exposed to?

Physicians come across myriad information sources in their professional lives, including pharma reps, professional publications, colleagues and conferences, to name a few. But what sources rank highest in terms of frequency of exposure among the +3,000 physicians surveyed in the Kantar Media Sources & Interactions: March 2013 Medical/Surgical Edition? Of the 39 sources of information we study, here are the top information sources doctors are most often exposed to.

sources of information

While we found that doctors are exposed to mobile apps more frequently than many other info sources, they still do not rate very high yet in terms of importance on average.

Conversely, colleagues continue to rate the highest in exposure, reach and importance.

The Sources & Interactions™ Study is a detailed examination of doctors’ online and mobile activities, e-detailing experience, and exposure to (and evaluation of) information sources including traditional and emerging media, pharma reps, CME, convention and more. The study is conducted every six months and targets more than 3,000 physicians annually across 21 specialties, exploring their media preferences and habits. Sources & Interactions was designed to help manufacturers and their agencies cost-effectively allocate resources to their overall promotional mix, and provide publishers with specific insight about where their offerings fit into physicians (and other healthcare professionals’) information inventory.

If you need specialty-specific data, let us know. We study physician media behaviors and preferences annually across 21 specialties.

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