What is guaranteed direct advertising?

Guaranteed direct is a type of programmatic advertising that is increasing in popularity. It refers to the automated direct sale of reserved ad inventory between a buyer and seller. Essentially, it’s a more technological, automated and streamlined version of the direct sales process. The inventory is “saved” and available until it’s purchased by a buyer.

This means that the publisher is setting aside specific inventory to be sold via a third party platform vs. it being sold through networks or its direct sales team. Guaranteed direct ad buys don’t involve an auction or bidding. Typically, a third party guaranteed direct platform will integrate directly with the publisher's server so that the publisher can guarantee impression and maintain control over its pricing and packaging.

Guaranteed direct allows the publisher to regulate the price of inventory to buyers. It also gives buyers the ability to buy inventory on a guaranteed direct basis from the publisher in a much more transparent fashion. Media buyers and sellers connect and transact in this manner via guaranteed direct marketplaces, such as Shiny Ads, BuySellAds, Adslot and iSocket. Soon, inventory from these companies will be listed in SRDS.com, so that you can click to begin the purchase process! More to come on that.

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