Where are physicians using their digital devices?

Doctors are more likely to use smartphones and tablets while they are in their homes, according to  Kantar Media’s 2013 Mobile Usage Study.  The second most popular location to use either device was off-hours while out of the home followed by breaks/mealtimes while on duty.

Although doctors are more likely to use smartphones versus tablets for professional purposes, we found that device users are more likely to use tablets over smartphones while in their homes. Conversely, doctors are more likely to use smartphones over tablets in all other locations we studied, including while commuting/traveling and in between examinations/consultations.

Kantar Media’s Mobile Device Usage study profiles physicians’ professional activities and behaviors related to smartphones, tablets, and mobile apps, including usage data on 69 specific medical content/journal apps. This new study, released in October 2013, surveyed 1,919 doctors in 15 key specialties.

To find out more about the study and specialty-specific data, let us know.

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