Where can I find SQAD data in the new SRDS

If you've been a frequent user of our broadcast databases over the years, you may be accustomed to referencing the SQAD average cost-per-point (CPP) information in both the Radio and TV/Cable sources. I've heard from some users that they thought this data "went away" in our new multimedia planning platform.

It didn't! It's still available online.
  • For Radio, select the database from the Search tab, then look for the link to SQAD Spot Radio CPP Estimates in the middle of the main screen. Click that link, find your market and off you go!
  • For TV/Cable, select the database as above, then look for the DMA Maps and Profileslink in the middle of the main screen , find your market and select Profile.

If you're looking for SQAD data, just make sure you don't go via the "DMA Profiles and Maps" link on the toolbar. SQAD data is only available to Radio and TV/Cable subscribers.

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