Who would wait in line overnight for the latest iPhone?

With the iPhone 7 released this past Friday, we saw the usual overnight lines around the world from the hardcore early adopter consumers determined to be the first to get their hands on the latest mobile.

They may not all camp out overnight, but latest data from Kantar Media’s TGI study of American consumers reveals that iPhone owners are 23% more likely than the average adult to agree ‘I buy new products before most of my friends’ and 31% more likely to agree it’s important to have their household equipped with the latest technology.

Of course, those who try to keep up with technology use all kinds of smartphones and represent a particularly key group to many marketers as early adopters able to lead other consumers to convert to the latest gadgets. Indeed TGI data shows that those who try to keep up with technology are 33% more likely the average adult to believe they can very likely influence others with their views on mobile phones and apps.

Looking at some of the other attitudes that mark these technology lovers as different to others, they are particularly likely to wish to stand out generally – something marketers should bear in mind in their messaging when seeking to reach this group. For example, they are 47% more likely to keep up with the latest automotive technology, 31% more likely to agree that celebrities influence their purchasing decisions and 27% more likely to agree that a designer label improves a person’s image.

Similarly, there are a number of media biases among this group that could be leveraged to reach them particularly efficiently. They are 42% more likely to click on online advertising when browsing the internet, 35% more likely to search on the internet for products they see advertised on TV and 33% more likely to agree that advertising influences their purchasing decisions.

Clearly, those who keep up with technology are commercially very valuable. Segmenting these target audiences and understanding what drives their purchases is key for marketers in an increasingly competitive consumer technology market.

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