What is that? Ask Google.

Who's on Top? 10/3-10/9

Advertiser spend on new creatives airing on national television the week of October 3rd totaled $125 million. The top five were very tech-heavy this week, with Google knocking Amazon from the number one spot.

Creative Spotlight

Google’s heavy spending this week is part of its pre-launch campaign for its new smartphone, Google Pixel. The $9.4 million spent was split between two creatives, a 30 second spot ($4.4 million), and an extended 60 second spot ($5.0 million).

The commercial shows two young boys confused by what they are looking at, with one of them saying “ask Google.” The rest of the spot is set to music, showing different instances of when you would search, chat, or take/watch a photo/video with your phone. Throughout the spot, there is a white box constantly in the middle of the screen. It starts out as a search box, eventually evolves into the size of a photo/video and finally morphs into a silhouette of a phone. The commercial concludes with copy on the screen reading “Life by you. Phone by Google. Introducing Pixel.”

The launch of Pixel is the first time Google is offering a phone it has designed itself, putting it in direct competition with Apple and Samsung. But Google won’t be going at it alone – promotion of Pixel will also be supported by Verizon, the exclusive carrier of the phone. Pixel is set to launch on October 20th, making it another product being pushed to market just in time for the holidays.


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