Target plans big for the holidays this year

Who’s on Top? – October 31 – November 6

Advertiser spend on new creatives airing on national television saw another large increase during the week of October 31. Expenditures increased 31 percent for the second week in a row, reaching a total of $202 million. Large increases this week can be attributed to NFL games which accounted for 18 percent share of ad dollars. Despite the high price tag of advertising during the World Series, the final two games that occurred during this week only accounted for 8 percent of expenditures.

Creative Spotlight

During a time of year when content is king but advertising is chaos, Target is pulling out all the stops to stand out from the holiday clutter in 2016. The retailer debuted the first of its holiday commercials on November 1, spending $8 million on its first push of the season. The creative takes you back stage as a young girl and Bullseye, the Target mascot, prepare for an upcoming play with the help of toys and characters like Ironman, Barbie and Elmo. The commercial is a teaser for Target’s bigger marketing splash planned for December: “The Toycracker”

The Toycracker is Target’s version of The Nutcracker, set to air during the broadcast premiere of Disney’s Frozen on December 11. Disguised as an eight minute musical featuring John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, The Toycracker will air in two four minute segments during commercial breaks.


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