Verizon spends big for Black Friday weekend

Who’s on Top? – November 21–27

Advertiser spend on new creatives airing on national television reached a total of $196 million during the week of November 21. Leading into the Black Friday weekend, many advertisers debuted new creatives and ramped up spend in an effort to get consumers to visit their stores or websites for holiday deals. Indeed, 83 percent of spend on new creatives from the top five advertisers this week went towards ads directly mentioning Black Friday, the upcoming holidays or had a winter holiday theme. Surprisingly, Target was the only retailer to rank in the top five.

Creative Spotlight

Though the retail category typically dominates the holidays, Verizon took the top spot this week with $10.2 million devoted to new creatives for the holidays. Specifically Verizon focused on the Black Friday weekend, marketing deals on smartphones, tablets and data plans.

The majority of spend ($9 million) occurred in the days leading up to Black Friday promoting early savings for online shoppers on Thursday, with in-store savings beginning on Friday. The next chunk of spend ($0.9 million) was placed on Black Friday itself with Verizon touting “our best Black Friday deals in-store today only.” The rest of the budget ($0.3 million) was distributed over the remainder of the weekend with the message progressing to “our best Black Friday weekend deals in-store this Saturday and Sunday only.”


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