Papa Murphy’s defies Murphy's Law in first national ad campaign

Who’s on Top? – January 23-29, 2017

Advertising spend for new creatives airing on national television reached $83 million from January 23-29. During the previous weeks, NFL playoff games contributed to higher than average expenditures, but with no games played this week, spend expectedly took a dip. Not only did we see lower than average expenditures for new creatives, the top advertisers we monitored in this area were unexpected. Perhaps the typical top advertisers are taking a break from releasing new creatives before spending big on Super Bowl LI next week.

Creative Spotlight

Papa Murphy’s take-and-bake pizza chain launched its first ever national ad campaign this week. After finding themselves in an increasingly competitive environment in 2016, Papa Murphy’s hopes to find traction with this new campaign which will include at least six weeks of TV advertising.

The brand debuted the campaign with two new creatives totaling $2.3 million of expenditures for the week. Both creatives focus on families and the chaos of parenthood. The campaign shows the juxtaposition between Murphy’s Law of destruction and Papa Murphy’s Law of delicious by showing misbehaved children painting on walls followed by perfectly behaved kids eating Papa Murphy’s pizza fresh from the oven.


As the fifth largest pizza chain in the U.S., Papa Murphys’ new national presence can help drive awareness and encourage growth for the brand.

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