T-Mobile Wins Big in Super Bowl LI

Who’s on Top? – January 30 - February 5, 2017

It’s no surprise that advertising spend for new creatives airing on national television saw a major hike during the week ending with February 5, the day Super Bowl LI was broadcast. New creative expenditures reached $495 million, jumping from only $83 million the previous week. Indeed, the top advertisers for the week all spent well above what they would during a typical week, with the majority of expenditures allocated towards the Super Bowl.

Creative Spotlight

T-Mobile dominated the telecom category in Super Bowl LI. The category as a whole had six in-game ads, with four of them coming from T-Mobile. The company also had one ad run during pre-game programming leading up to the game.

The wireless carrier used celebrity appearances in its series of ads during the game to promote “T-Mobile One,” its unlimited, one price data plan. The brand’s first in-game ad aired during the second quarter featuring Justin Bieber, New England Patriots Tight End, Rob Gronkowski and former NFL player, Terrell Owens. In the ad, Bieber discusses the evolution of celebratory moves, using the hashtag #UnlimitedMoves to promote the unlimited data plan.


Next up came an ad during the third quarter featuring everyone’s favorite duo, Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart. The two made humorous inferences between the unlimited wireless plan and Snoop Dogg’s pot-smoking habit.


The last two ads featured actress and comedian Kristen Schaal where she parodied scenes from "50 Shades of Grey," referring to data plans from Verizon as painful. These two ads aired during the third and fourth quarters.


The four commercials from T-Mobile totaled 3:00 minutes of ad time during the game, placing parent company Deutsche Telekom second overall for Super Bowl LI as measured by ad time, right behind Anheuser-Busch InBev who ranked number one with 3:30 minutes of messaging.

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