Toyota touts safety in new ads

Who’s on Top? – April 3 - 9, 2017

Expenditures for new creatives during the week of April 3rd reached $174 million. With March Madness coming to a close, the majority of spend was placed during the NCAA men’s basketball championship game. The final match-up between Gonzaga and North Carolina accounted for $21 million of new creative expenditures for the week.

Creative Spotlight

Toyota was touting safety in two new ads released this week, with crash-test dummies as the stars of the show. The ads promoted Toyota Safety Sense, a technology driven system made up of features like pedestrian detection and lane departure alerts.

The first of the two ads debuted on April 3rd, showing everyday scenarios where various safety features could protect drivers, passengers and pedestrians. The spot concludes with a crash-test dummy jumping out of a plane because he may not be needed at Toyota anymore and he has to find another way to get his thrill.

This spot accounted for 98% of Toyota’s new creative expenditures for the week. We monitored 1,124 national occurrences, predominantly during prime-time hours.  



The second spot debuted the next day featuring a team of crash-test dummies who are not happy to find out that with all of Toyota’s safety advances, they may be out of jobs.

This creative aired nationally 22 times during the week, appearing only during NBA games on ESPN and ESPN 2, and NHL games on NBC Sports.


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