Apple advertising dominates 2017 Billboard Music Awards

Who’s on Top? – May 15 - 21, 2017

New creative accounted for 14% of total national TV ad expenditures during the week of May 15th. New ads came from 554 advertisers who invested $122 million – a 37% spend increase from the previous week. The 2017 Billboard Music Awards took center stage as the single program with highest spend allocation for new creative despite only accounting for 4.1% of new creative budgets ($4.9 million).

Creative Spotlight

Apple aired seven new ads during the week: three promoted the iPhone 7 Plus; two promoted Apple Music featuring recording artists Shakira and Harry Styles; two were general promotion for Apple devices using the tagline “designed for everyone.”

The 2017 Billboard Music Awards received the highest percentage of spend from Apple’s new creative this week – 22%. The company was also the highest spending advertiser overall during the awards show with a total of $1.7 million of expenditures and 2:00 minutes of commercial time. Spend came from three of its new ads: iPhone 7 Plus (:60 seconds), Shakira (:30 seconds) and Harry Styles (:30 seconds). Of these, only the Shakira ad actually debuted during the awards show. The other two ads first appeared earlier in the week on May 15th.

The remainder of the new creative budget from Apple was distributed across a variety of programs, predominately dramas like Empire, Designated Survivor and Scandal. The ads promoting the iPhone 7 Plus were aired nationally with the most frequency, occurring 289 times accounting for $6.7 million of expenditures.




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