Who's on Top? 5/30-6/5

We examined advertising expenditure for new national television creatives during the week of 5/30-6/5. Ad spend for new creatives that broke on national TV during this week reached an estimated $151 million, up considerably from the week prior.

The winner for the week was Nissan with $10.6 million of expenditures on two new creatives. Spend was split $8.2 million and $2.4 million on creatives that began running on May 30th and June 2nd respectively. Both of these spots are part of the new “Take On” campaign from Nissan, which are meant to be easily understood despite the lack of dialogue as drivers make their way around different obstacles.

The creative with more spend behind it is an effort from Nissan to sell drivers on its advanced safety feature, “Safety Shield Technologies,” which allows cars to stop themselves to ensure the protection of drivers and passengers. This 30 second spot aired nationally 600 times across 30 networks, mainly in prime-time.


The next creative showcased another safety feature, Nissan’s “Intuitive All-Wheel Drive.” This spot only aired nationally 4 times, with all occurrences taking place on ABC during the NBA Finals. Nissan was number three for ad spend in the automotive category during the first three rounds of the NBA Playoffs, and is unmistakably continuing its effort to target auto shoppers via sports programming. Many advertisers have been using live sports telecasts as a means to reach highly engaged, mass audiences to generate exposure and attention for their brands, and Nissan is doing just that through this commercial.


This data is part of ongoing reporting we release on a weekly basis. Make sure to check back every Wednesday for the weekly winner, or contact us to learn how you can discover your competitors’ breaking ads on your own in real–time using our AdScope tool. Already an AdScope customer? Log in now and see what your competitors are up to.

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