Who's on Top? 6/20-6/26

We examined advertising expenditure for new national television creatives during the week of 6/20-626. Ad spend for new creatives that broke on national TV dropped slightly from the previous week, reaching $99.6 million.

Lowe's came out on top this week with $5.5 million of expenditures for eight new creatives. The majority of spend ($3.6 million) was split between three Fourth of July themed creatives. Using the upcoming holiday as an opportunity for a sales event, Lowe's promoted savings on various home appliances and merchandise. The retailer also promoted products that are clearly synonymous with the many barbecues attended on the July 4th holiday like outdoor grills and charcoal.

The patriotic looking creatives first began airing two weeks before the holiday on June 21st, and have since been seen over 1,800 times on national television. Prime time was the leading daypart for occurrences, with the top programs centering around home improvement. Lowe’s used “Texas Flip and Move” on the DIY channel, and HGTV’s “Tiny House, Big Living” as the top shows to reach its desired audience of consumers interested in home improvement projects.


This data is part of ongoing reporting we release on a weekly basis. Make sure to check back every Wednesday for the weekly winner, or contact us to learn how you can discover your competitors’ breaking ads on your own in real–time using our AdScope tool. Already an AdScope customer? Log in now and see what your competitors are up to.

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