Who's on Top? 6/27-7/3

We examined advertising expenditure for new national television creatives from 6/27-7/3. Ad spend for new creatives that broke on national TV was up $10 million from the previous week, reaching $109.8 million.

This week we focused on the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) category. The category as a whole was responsible for $8.3 million of expenditures on new national creatives. Leading the way was Dairy Queen, who owned 40 percent share of spend for the category.

Dairy Queen aired two new spots during the week, both promoting the “$5 Buck Lunch” value meal. The creative for each spot was similar, with one being 15 seconds and the other an extended version that was 30 seconds long. The value meal being promoted features a bacon cheeseburger which has long been a fan favorite at Dairy Queen restaurants. The campaign will run during the months of July and August as Dairy Queen’s “unofficial salute to bacon” according to Barry Westrum, Executive Vice President of Marketing for American Dairy Queen Corporation.

The creatives began appearing on June 27th, with the majority of ad dollars spent on July 2nd. This was mostly due to five occurrences during high priced live MLB baseball broadcasts on Fox that day. Air time during this program alone accounted for 57 percent of Dairy Queen’s spend on new national ads for the week.


This data is part of ongoing reporting we release on a weekly basis. Make sure to check back every Wednesday for the weekly winner, or contact us to learn how you can discover your competitors’ breaking ads on your own in real–time using our AdScope tool. Already an AdScope customer? Log in now and see what your competitors are up to.

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