Who's on Top? 7/18-7/24

Advertising expenditure for new national television creatives fell for a second week in a row with spend for the week of 7/18-7/24 topping out at $107 million.

This week, two major film studios battled for the top spot. Warner Bros and Paramount each debuted new creatives for three movies, but the former invested more heavily and won by over $2 million. Three telecom advertisers also made their way into the top five, with Cricket leading the category.

Creative Spotlight

The single creative with the most spend behind it came from Cricket. The wireless telecom provider aired three new national TV spots during the week, but invested 81 percent of its budget ($3.5 million) on an ad promoting its “Great Big network” with plans starting at $35/month.

The messaging of “Cricket’s got you covered” in this ad ran on 28 networks, appearing 387 times throughout the week. The majority of occurrences (48) were on Fuse network, but the highest spend was allocated to the show “20/20 In an Instant” on ABC. The ad only aired twice during this program, but with this week being the second season premiere of the series, the show had a higher price tag and the two occurrences cost Cricket $1.1 million.


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