Who's on Top? 8/1-8/7

Advertising expenditure for new creatives appearing on national television skyrocketed last week, primarily due to the start of the Olympics. After falling for three weeks in a row, spend finally increased a notable 179%, reaching an estimated $221 million. 43% of this was attributed to advertising during the Olympics. This week it was McDonalds that took the top spot with $9.5 million of expenditures.

Creative Spotlight

T-Mobile debuted seven new creatives for the week, including five promoting its “Free for All” campaign. This campaign was centered around an offer of free Samsung Galaxy phones, using different creative messages to target distinct audiences. A 30 second spot that had $5.4 million of expenditures was the single creative with the most spend for the week of any advertiser. The messaging in this spot was geared towards families, offering four free Samsung Galaxy phones for just $30 per line plus unlimited streaming among other features. This creative accounted for 41 percent of T-Mobile’s total spend for the week and 59 percent of its new creative spend for the week. Another spot from the campaign showed small business owners giving testimonials about how much T-Mobile’s services have helped their businesses. This creative also promoted free Samsung Galaxy phones for everyone in a business when it makes the switch from another carrier.

Though none of T-Mobile’s creatives had an Olympic theme, the advertiser spent more in Olympic broadcasts ($2.6 million) than any other program, reflecting the high cost of ad time. The remainder of its media spend was spread broadly across more than 40 TV networks.


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