Can you hear me now? Verizon wins the week with response to Sprint

Who's on Top? 8/22-8/28

Advertising expenditure for new creatives on national television reached $103 million from August 22nd-28th, a 25 percent decrease from the previous week. Verizon was the winner this week with $6 million of expenditures – more than we have seen them invest in new creatives during a single week since the week of March 14th, 2016.

Creative Spotlight

Verizon won the week on the creative front this week as well. In a series of commercials featuring Jaime Foxx, the actor discusses an independent study that named Verizon as the nation’s number one wireless network – again. The messaging in this new Verizon campaign is a direct rejoinder to a Sprint campaign that has been running since early June.

The spot with the highest spend behind it ($4.5 million) aired nationally 723 times across 47 networks. In the creative, Foxx talks about the aforementioned study with lookalikes portraying him as spokespersons for competitors Sprint and T-Mobile. The lookalike actors are a creative device intended to undercut Sprint and its current commercials featuring Paul Marcarelli, Verizon’s former “Can you hear me now?” guy. A voice-over tells the viewer not to get fooled by cut-rate networks and mentions the offer of four free Samsung galaxy phones and plans starting at a price-point of $150 for four lines.


Two similar spots also debuted during the week. These showed Foxx touting the benefits of Verizon while the Sprint lookalike tried to describe his network as matching up. It’s a direct rebuttal to the aforementioned Sprint ads and their competitive claim that “Sprint’s network reliability is within 1% of Verizon.” Foxx quickly shoots him down, telling him he isn’t fooling anyone. The same voice over and special offer wrap up the spots.

Verizon aired an additional new creative featuring its pitchman during the week which stood out from the competitive Sprint spots. This 60 second spot shows Foxx in a mock music video titled “The Best Just Got Better”. Suited up in retro, 70’s style gear, he sings “the best network just got better” and the copy on the screen teases “the next gen of wireless starts tomorrow.” This creative aired nationally 15 times, including 10 times during the MTV VMAs.


Want to see exactly what Verizon’s next gen of wireless looks like?

(Find out here)VimeoId-180939898

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