Nissan speeds past the competition

Who's on Top? 9/19-9/25

Advertiser spend on new creatives airing on national television held pretty steady during the week of September 19th, reaching $117 million. Warner Bros. took the top spot for the second week in a row with $6.6 million of expenditures.

Creative Spotlight

After dropping off for one week, Verizon made its way back into the top five while also leading the way for spend on a single new creative for the week ($4.8 million). The new spot was a continuation of its campaign featuring Jaime Foxx along with lookalikes from Sprint and T-Mobile. The creative was similar to the one we spotted during the week of August 22, however it offered a different incentive at the end.

Next in line for spend on a single creative ($3.1 million) was Nissan, who spent its entire budget for debuting creatives on its recently launched campaign promoting the new Nissan Titan. The creative exhibits the features of the pickup truck such as a rear view camera and a Cummins engine. The commercial shows the truck is hauling heavy loads on rough terrain with the tag line “take on the day shift.”

This 30 second spot aired 62 times across seven networks, all during live sporting events or other sports coverage. Because of the broad reach, these program types have been a central component of the Titan’s marketing push.


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