Toyota’s first-ever global marketing campaign competes in the Olympics

Who’s on Top? – February 12-18, 2018

Advertisers are continuing to spend big during the Winter Olympics. The games accounted for 28 percent of new national TV ad spend during the week of February 12th. Overall, advertisers spent $129 million on new broadcast placements, a decrease of 50 percent from the previous week when spend reached higher than typical levels. This could be attributed to some advertisers front-loading their new commercials towards the beginning dates of the winter competition and re-running the same ads throughout the games.

Creative Spotlight

To commemorate its eight-year worldwide partnership with The International Olympic and Paralympic Committees, Toyota launched its first-ever global marketing campaign titled “Start Your Impossible” at the start of the 2018 winter games. The campaign highlights real-life stories of Olympic, Paralympic and everyday athletes. As part of the campaign, Toyota released two new ads this week which together made up 99 percent of the brand’s new ad spend.

In one commercial, six Olympic snowboarders are featured from all around the globe. Lindsey Jacobellis, (USA), Eva Samková (Czech Republic), Belle Brockhoff (Australia), Chloé Trespeuch (France), Carle Brenneman (Canada), and Isabel Clark Ribeiro (Brazil) are all shown starting their impossible from childhood to adolescence and eventually making it as professional Olympic athletes.


Another ad shows a young boy riding his bike through a small town when he finds himself competing with Olympians and realizes anything is possible for him as well.


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