Technology rules at the 2018 Masters Tournament

Who’s on Top? – April 2-8, 2018

All eyes were on the 2018 Masters Tournament during the week ending April 8, watching closely as Patrick Reed took home the championship. Advertisers were paying attention too, spending big to air new commercials during telecasts of the high profile golf event. The tournament drove an estimated $21 million of new national TV ad revenue, with new advertising accounting for 97 percent of all commercials aired. As the event's Global sponsors, AT&T, IBM and Mercedes Benz each placed more than 90 percent of their new national TV ad budgets for the week during the Masters.

Spend on new ads overall also had a good performance from April 2-8, reaching $191 million total, almost double compared to the week prior.

Creative Spotlight

According to our 2017 TGI study, golf enthusiasts in the U.S. are tech-savvy consumers. Indeed, they are 26 percent more likely than average to use the internet for research, shopping, managing money and other day-to-day activities. This week, AT&T and IBM each tried their hand at reaching this audience this week, promoting their high-tech capabilities during the 2018 Masters Tournament.

AT&T discussed its edge-to-edge intelligence covering virtually every part of a business with advanced data technology. The commercials showed how insight and information connect so companies can run more efficiently.



IBM used the tournament to run a series of ads focused on putting smart solutions to work. The ads show how various advances like AI, cloud, IoT and blockchain are changing the world.






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